Oak Smoked Freshwater King Salmon

Our salmon thrive in the fast glacial flows, and ice-cold waters that surround Mt Cook (Aoraki). This environment creates a fish that is known for its clean taste and delicate texture.

The Aoraki Smokehouse team are experts when it comes to the unique subtleties of Freshwater King Salmon. Great care and patience are needed to make a smoked product that’s rich and sophisticated, yet not overwhelming.

We respect tradition and take our time, to bring you a delicacy straight from the heart of the Southern Alps.

Age-old smoking method

The salmon is gently smoked with oak wood chips following a Scottish inspired method, which uses a mixture of salt, golden syrup and black rum. This enhances the taste experience with a sweet smoky layer. The softer notes of oak, never distract from the original qualities of the salmon.

Responsible Farming

At Aoraki Smokehouse we only use Freshwater King Salmon, from our own farms in the canals around Mt Cook (Aoraki.)

Through the breeding programme at our hatchery, to our farms and then our Smokehouse, we control every stage of the process.

Nurturing our fish from an egg and through their life cycle, allows to ensure their health and welfare. It also allows us to provide traceability and ensure the quality of our smoked product.

We are proud to be internationally recognised for our sustainable practices; Monterey Bay Seafood Watch has given our farms the 'Best choice' green rating.


What are they fed?

Our salmon are fed on a wholesome diet that contains everything salmon need to grow healthy and strong. In essence, it is made up of proteins, oil, grains and minerals. The feed companies have reduced their reliance on wild caught fish for proteins and oils, making the industry extremely sustainable for the planet.

The feed contains no GMO’s, vaccines or antibiotics.

Where are they farmed?

Our salmon are grown in the glacier-fed waters of the hydro canals in the Mackenzie Country, central South Island, not far from the town of Twizel.

Do you have your own hatchery?

An important point of difference for Aoraki Salmon, is that we operate a salmon hatchery located within the Isaac Conservation Trust Area, near Christchurch. The salmon hatchery is spring fed from the Selwyn river flowing deep in the Canterbury alluvial aquafers. This produces perfect conditions for salmon breeding.

Owning our own hatchery also enables us to select and rear the best salmon smolt. In spring smolt are transferred to our Twizel farm situated in the glacial waters of the Aoraki/Mt Cook region.

Are you the shop on the side of the road near Twizel?

You can now buy Aoraki Smokehouse Salmon in the Mt Cook Alpine Salmon shop by Lake Pukaki.


You can purchase Aoraki Smokehouse Salmon at your nearest New World, Pak 'N Save, Four Square, Fresh Choice, Supervalue, Farros and Commonsense Organics.

We also supply a variety of restaurants, so look out for Aoraki Smokehouse Salmon on menus across the country.

Our parent company, Mt Cook Alpine Salmon Ltd, has an online store. As well as their fresh salmon, you can also buy Aoraki smokehouse direct at alpinesalmon.co.nz

Do you use additives in your smoked products?

There are no artificial flavours, additives or preservatives. The only ingredients used when smoking are: oak wood smoke, salt, golden syrup and black rum.

What is the difference between your Hot Smoked and Cold Smoked salmon?

The difference is in the way that they are cooked.

Hot Smoked (Oak Roasted) Salmon: The salmon is cooked at a higher temperature for a short time. The finished product has a flaky texture with a sweet roasted smoke flavour that melts in your mouth.

Cold Smoked Salmon: The process is long and slow allowing the smoke to infuse the salmon giving the rich oak smoked favour with a silky and smooth texture.

How long do smoked products last?

All product has a use by date on the packet and once the packet is opened should be consumed within 4 days.

All product can be frozen but we do recommend you use it as soon as possible to really experience its superior texture and flavour. It can last up to a year in the freezer. Once defrosted consume within 4 days.

Keep all Aoraki Smokehouse products refrigerated below 4 degrees.

What's special about Freshwater Salmon?

Our salmon thrive in the fast glacial flows, and ice-cold waters that surround Mt Cook.

Constant swimming in fast, glacier-fed canals keeps our salmon healthy and fit, with minimal solid stored fast. Instead they store most their energy as readily accessible intramuscular oil. Both these traits are visible in the fine marbling and silky texture of their flesh.

What type of salmon do we use?

We use Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha) other common names are King Salmon or Pacific Salmon.