Hot Smoked Salmon
Cold Smoked Salmon
Freshwater King Salmon Caviar
Hot Smoked Salmon

Aoraki hot smoked salmon has a sweet smoky taste and flaked texture.

To create, Freshwater King Salmon is gently smoked with oak wood chips and a Scottish inspired method. This enhances the taste without distracting from the original qualities of the salmon.

Hot Smoked Portions

Aoraki oak roasted portions come with the bones removed and in a variety of sizes. Excellent for any meal as they are versatile and easy to prepare.

Hot Smoked Pieces

Oak roasted pieces are the perfect bite sized addition to any salad or pasta-style dish.

Cold Smoked Salmon

Rich and decadent, yet not overpowering, Aoraki Salmon uses a traditional age-old Scottish method of smoking to produce the finest quality cold smoked salmon. The process is long and slow allowing the smoke to infuse the salmon giving the rich oak smoked flavour with a silky and smooth texture. This product is ready to eat and best served at room temperature.

Aoraki Slices

Aoraki cold smoked slices are extremely versatile and delicately delicious. They taste great on their own or can be easily matched with a wide range of ingredients.

Cold Smoked Pieces

Aoraki cold smoked salmon pieces you can slice and dice your way. Perfect in salads, canapes, sushi or on a bagel.

Freshwater King Salmon Caviar
Aoraki Salmon Caviar

Our salmon thrive in the glacial water of New Zealand's Southern Alps. This extreme environment provides ideal condition for raising strong and healthy salmon, who in turn create a very special salmon roe.

Care and timing is the key to achieving perfection in caviar. We wait until the roe are at their very best for the process to begin. Slowly and very gently, these delicate pearls are prepared in a dry brine. Then they are quickly snap frozen to lock-in the exquisite freshness and taste.

Freshwater King Salmon Caviar is a unique rendition of one of the oldest and most sought after delicacies in the world.