We are the original smoked salmon artisans, working to craft a natural quality.


The hot smoked process.

Cured to perfection with premium rock salt.

Steeped in rum and golden syrup.

Smoked over oak wood chips; combining heat with smoke to roast the salmon quickly.

Cooled and packed to seal in the subtle flavours.

Hot Smoked Salmon at its best - flaked texture and delicately sweet smoky taste. Ready to eat as is, or check our recipes for more inspiration.


The cold smoked process.

Patiently cured in salt; the cold smoked process is long and slow.

Steeped in golden syrup and rum.

Smoked over cooled oak smoke by our master smoker.

Sliced to perfection and vacuum packed to lock in the flavours.

Perfectly balanced cold smoked salmon with light smoky layers and silky smooth texture. Ready to eat as is – or check our recipes for more inspiration.